Tradition or travesty? A TED Fellow’s documentary investigates the complexities of whale hunting in the Faroe Islands

sejak pertama tahu soal tradisi ini melalui film dokumenter, aku memang bertanya-tanya apakah yang mereka lakukan ini akan mengancam populasi dari paus-paus ini? Semoga saja tidak.

TED Blog

For the 50,000 people of the Faroe Islands, a self-governing country within the Kingdom of Denmark, hunting long-finned pilot whales — a dark gray species found in their waters — is a tradition that stretches back centuries. These whales are a food source, and hunting them is considered an important part of Faroese culture. Today, the hunt, known as the “grind” (which rhymes with “wind” and is also the Faroese word for “pilot whale”), is highly controversial and divisive, despite the fact that the whales are not endangered.

Last year, photojournalist and TED Fellow Ed Ou and his filmmaking partner Elise Coker traveled to the Faroe Islands to make a documentary for VICE, The Grind, about a standoff between the Faroese and the marine conservation society Sea Shepherd. For this doc — which you can watch above (warning: it does contain graphic images) — they filmed interviews with both the Faroese…

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