Poem I.

It’s not my original work, I copied it from the internet. The reason I posted this on my blog, because this poem quite describe my condition. And all the copyright goes to the writer. I thank him/her for write this. So, here you go.
Sometimes the greatest

Love is simply

To let go. 
The monsters in

My head always knew

That I would

Lose you in
The end. 

I have shed my skin

So many times.
The graveyards must be full

Of all the people

I used to be. 

I miss everything

And nothing

All at once.

I loved you

Until you became

Words and stories,

Poetry and dreams;
Immortal in every
Book and

Every sunrise.

I don’t want peace. 
I want late nights and

Dark rings, action and

Bright lights, love and

Heartbreak and feeling

And pain. I want you.
I want to breathe in life

And breathe out poetry.

And in the end

We are only atoms,

Drifting alone,

Desperate for

Something to

Cling on to.

And in my dreams

I will always find
My way back

To you.

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